In order to graduate with a BA degree, all students in the Faculty of Humanities are required to research and write a research paper FOUN3099 Caribbean Studies in the area of their major during their final year of study. Sometimes, students may request to take two approved substitutes (see list) in lieu of FOUN3099.

First, students should consult the regulations for FOUN3099 (hardcopies of which are also available from the Faculty Office). 

Second, students should come up with a feasible topic.  In order to ensure that the proposed topic is original, students should consult the list of Caribbean Studies done in previous years available at the circulation desk in the Main Library.

Third, students should determine whether the materials for the study, or a substantial part thereof, are available either in the Main Library here at Cave Hill or elsewhere locally or regionally.  If they are not, students must come up with another topic.

Fourth, students should write a proposal that will serve as a descriptive prospectus of the research to be undertaken.  The proposal, which should be type-written and at least one (1) page in length (double-spaced, excluding bibliography), should include the following information:

the working title of the study which may be subject to further revision or exact specification as your research proceeds.  However, even at this stage, the goal should be to describe your project as clearly and as accurately as possible.

a definition of the subject.  This should include a statement of the specific issue or ‘thesis’ to be investigated.

a tentative list of the divisions, phases or chapters into which the thesis will fall so far as the candidate can see them at this stage of his/her work.

a selective bibliography which should follow the guidelines prescribed by the MLA Handbook and the Faculty Guidelines on Essay-Writing (see #7 below).  The bibliography should list the:

primary sources (authors, texts, editions, etc.);

chief secondary sources which bear most closely upon the subject.

Fifth, the proposal should be formally submitted by September 30 of the academic year in question to one of the secretaries in the departmental office who will pass it on for review to the Coordinator of Literatures in English.  Notices will be posted on the departmental notice-board(s) as follows:

whether the Proposal has been accepted as is or whether modifications are necessary.  Any necessary revisions should be made promptly;

the name of the supervisor appointed.  If your name does not appear on the list, it is your responsibility to follow this up by enquiring from the secretaries.

Sixth, students should collect, fill in and formally submit the FOUN3099 registration form available in the office of the Faculty of Humanities and Education by October 31 of the academic year in question.

Seven, it should be noted that the Study is an academic research paper and is assessed according to the strict standards of presentation laid down by the Modern Language Association (MLA) in the MLA Handbook and summarised in our Faculty Guidelines on Essay Writing.  You should also consult my own Essay Writing Resources which includes a number of links to resources both on- and off-line.

Last but not least, you should note that the deadline for the submission of the finished product is
mid to late April (the precise date changes from academic year to year; please obtain the precise deadline from the Faculty Office).  This is a firm deadline which is extended only in very rare circumstances and with the permission of the supervisor.

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