Please print this page and refer to it when reading my comments on your essays.

?    What?  I do not understand what you are trying to say

??? I very much don't understand what you are trying to say

X    Wrong

Abb Don't abbreviate

Awk Awkwardly phrased

B    Put in bold

Bib List of works consulted is missing or compiled wrongly

CLARKE Do not cite my notes (I know what I think) -- rather, refer to other primary or secondary sources in question

D    Diction is faulty

DS  Double-space

EWS You should work on your essay writing skills by consulting my on-line Guide and other resources on- and off-line

G    Grammatical error

I      Indent

IS   Incomplete sentence

It   Put in italics

L    Illogical development of the argument

NP Number Pages

NS Non sequitur: a given proposition does not logically follow the previous proposition, hence your use of connectives like 'therefore' or 'thus' is inappropriate

P    Punctuation error

Par Faulty paragraphing

PC Paragraph construction

//    Begin a new paragraph

//    Do not begin a new paragraph

PP  Page numbers missing after quotes or paraphrases

Q Cite question

Quo  put in quotation marks

DI or --> I I <--  Double indent long quotes

DI Don't double indent short quotes

Inc Include quotes properly in the stream of a sentence or paragraph

S    Spelling error (S drawn through a word)

SC  Sentence construction is faulty

So  Cite source

S / V  Subject / verb agreement

T    Tense is wrong

PT  Use the present tense

Ti   Title to be underlined or put in inverted quotation marks

U    Underline


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