LITS2306 TERM PAPER 2005-2006


Answer one (1) of the following questions, referring closely to the text(s) of the theorist in question:

1.    Referring closely to his views on the nature of reality, the self and knowledge, discuss the grounds on which Plato advocates in Book X of The Republic that poets be banished from his ideal republic.

2.    What light do Aristotle's views on the nature of reality, the self and knowledge shed on his theory of poetry in the Poetics?

3.    Referring closely to the views on plot advanced in Aristotle's Poetics, discuss the plot-structure of a work which you find to be dramatically effective.

4.    Referring closely to the views of one Rationalist (e.g. Descartes) and one Empiricist (e.g. Locke), discuss the difference between their respective views on the nature of reality, the mind and knowledge.

5.    Discuss the 'allegorical' view of literature advanced by Dante. 

6.    On what grounds does Sidney defend poetry against Plato's indictment?  Is his argument successful, in your view?

7.    What are the causes of “judging ill,” according to Pope?

8.    Discuss a possible contradiction between Johnson’s view that it is the “greatest excellency of art to imitate nature” and his view that it is vital to “distinguish those parts of nature which are most proper for imitation.” 

9.    What do you understand by the term 'classicism'?  Referring closely to the views of either Dante or Sidney and either Pope or Johnson, discuss why they may be described as 'neo-classical.'

10.    Referring closely to the work of one theorist which you have studied and illustrating your answer with reference to one (literary) work of your choice, carefully explain one of the following approaches to criticism:

DEADLINE: 6 pm, Thursday, November 10, 2005. 

LENGTH: 5 - 7 pages (double-spaced)

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