LITS2306 / E23F BOOKLIST 2005-2006

Primary Sources (for Required Readings):

Many of the readings in general philosophy may be found in:

Cottingham, John, ed.  Western Philosophy: an Anthology (Cottingham) B P R

Many of the readings in aesthetics / critical theory per se may be found in:

Adams, Hazard, ed. Critical Theory Since Plato (Adams) B R 

Leitch, Vincent, et al., eds. The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism (Leitch) B P R

Where readings are drawn from other sources not found in these anthologies or available on-line, I will place a copy of the essay in question in the course folder or of the book in question on reserve for you to consult and, where necessary, photocopy.

Secondary Sources (for Recommended Readings):

Russell, Bertrand,  History of Western Philosophy B R

These are two useful general surveys of the history of critical theory; I will indicate other relevant secondary sources on a week by week basis.

Abrams, M. H. The Mirror and the Lamp B R

Harland, Richard.  Literary Theory from Plato to Barthes: an Introductory History B R


B: Copies should be available in the Bookshop
P: You should purchase a copy
R: On reserve in the Library
REF: Found in the Reference Section of the Library