Answer ONE (1) of the following questions:

1.    "Love poetry pure and simple or subtle political allegory?" Discuss, in the light of this question, the use of Petrarchan conventions in general and the sonnet form in particular made by TWO (2) of the Courtier Poets Wyatt, Ralegh and Sidney.

2.    "Early English lyric poetry was a clever medium by which well-educated but humbly born young men could gracefully advertise themselves to the courtly establishment."  In the light of this quotation, discuss the degree to which TWO (2) of the Courtier Poets Wyatt, Ralegh and Sidney used their poetry as a means of ‘self-presentation.’

3.    "O Love, how art thou tired out with rhyme! / Thou art a tree whereon all poets climb" (Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle).  Is this description applicable to those of Spenser’s Amoretti which you have read?

4.    To what extent are the sexual escapades described in Book II Canto XII of The Faerie Queene designed to exemplify Spenser’s comment that the "generall ende . . . of all the booke is to fashion a gentleman or noble person in vertuous and gentle discipline"?

5.    Would you agree that "time is Shakespeare’s major obsession in his sonnets"?

6.    Examine the construction of femininity in the work of TWO (2) Elizabethan poets studied.

7.    "Empire, colonisation, and race is the ignored sub-text of much of the literature of the Elizabethan period."  Discuss with reference to the work of TWO (2) Elizabethan poets studied.


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