Faculty regulations require students to attend a total of three hours of class per week in all courses for which they are registered.  


At level II (e.g. LITS2001or LITS2306), I require you to attend two compulsory 1-hour lectures per week and one compulsory 1-hour tutorial (a total of 3 hours per week) or alternatively two compulsory 1.5 hour seminars per week (a total of 3 hours per week).  

Lectures: please note that in many cases the scheduled class times are beyond the control of the lecturer because they are the only slots on the university's crowded time-table when there is a sufficiently large room available where classes can be held.  For this reason, some of you, because of conflicting work commitments, may not be able to attend lectures on a regular basis, if at all.  This is not necessarily too much of a problem as you have my permission to record the lectures and you can make use of my detailled notes.  Some students, for example, record the lectures and later listen to them while simultaneously following my handouts.  This is almost as good as being there.  Of course, as the exam draws nearer, it is important to attend regularly lest you miss important hints.  

Tutorials: the tutorials are vital because they are designed to help you to assimilate the material covered in the lectures.  Consequently, it is extremely important (especially for those of you who are unable to attend lectures regularly) not to miss the tutorial.  Of course, as the exam draws nearer, it is important to attend tutorials regularly lest you miss important hints.  Students who fail to attend a minimum of 33% of the tutorials / seminars will not be eligible to receive any grade for participation / presentation(s).


At level III (e.g. LITS3001or LITS3304) and at the graduate level, I require you to attend two compulsory 1.5 hour seminars per week (a total of 3 hours per week).  


Students who have been absent very often are asked to pay special attention to the university's Examination Regulation 19 which states that:

Any candidate who has been absent from the University for a prolonged period during the teaching of a particular course for any reason other than illness or whose attendance at prescribed lectures, classes, practical classes, tutorials or clinical instructions has been unsatisfactory or who has failed to submit essays or other exercises set by his/her teachers may be debarred by the relevant Academic Board, on the recommendation of the relevant Faculty Board, from taking any University Examinations.  The procedures to be used shall be prescribed in Faculty Regulations.  (Examination Regulations for First Degrees, Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates, Including GPA Regulations, 2008-2009, p.10)

In other words, any student who has failed to attend classes without reasonable explanation may be debarred by the Campus Academic Board from taking examinations in the course(s) in question, on the recommendation of the respective Campus Board of the Faculty.  

Accordingly, it is in the interest of all students to attend course regularly; those students whose work commitments make it very difficult or even impossible to regularly attend classes should consider changing their registration in order to do only those courses which they can attend on a regular basis.  


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